Daniel on The Artist

Daniel Mănăstireanu publică pe blog ultima lui predică cu titlul – The ultimate Artist. Subiectul este, evident, Dumnezeu în calitatea Lui de Creator văzut aici ca un artist atât de pasionat de opera sa încât se confundă aproape cu ea. Așa cum poți citi personalitatea unui artist venind în contact cu opera sa, poți să-L descoperi pe Dumnezeu în creație dar mai ales în opera Sa supremă.

O mostră din textul scris cursiv, ușor de citit nu numai de ascultat așa cum dă bine unei predici destinate laicilor:

The image that John presents of God is not that of a Potter who can choose to smash up his creation, but rather one who in a sense becomes one with his creation. If we imagine humanity as God’s creation, in Jesus we have the ultimate model of humanity. But instead of God creating the ideal masterpiece from afar, he embodies humanity, with all its limitations, even with the risk of his creation rejecting this offer of self-giving.

It is the same with God, only God takes this merging between artist and creation to the ultimate level. That makes God the ultimate artist. In the person of Jesus the world of God and the world of humanity become mystically intertwined. This is a good way, I think, of understanding the poetic theology of John.

This perspective reveals to us a God who is closer to us than we can ever imagine. From this perspective we simply cannot separate the spiritual world from the material world.

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