On destiny

I searched for “agnostic” on the wordpress’ tags today and an article from a blog belonging to someone called Rich came up.

I am increasingly interested in what people who call themselves “agnostics” have to say about their journey from religion to agnosticism. I followed quite a few of these stories found on internet or autobiographies and there seems to be a pattern or two in these journeys.

Usually people who find themselves at this crossroads end up either choosing to let the atheist thoughts to grow more and more until they eventually “come out” as full atheists, or depending on their particular frame of mind and way of constructing thoughts keep the options open, for there would be a shame if something valuable comes up from either end and they lost the oportunity.

I don’t blame neither of them, I trully believe that whatever label people put on themselves doesn’t change the fact that they are real people and not some sort of products of their or other’s perspective on them. They are my brothers and I always look up on everybody has something to say worth hearing.

Here is a quote from an article written by Rich, and I would like to hear your thoughts on his perspective of destiny and character building.

Also, knowing:”watch your thoughts they become words, words to actions still and actions to character, then one’s character to their destiny or succession to never stop fighting for their best inside?  What do you wish for yourself,  destiny or to always climb without ceasing!” Quote inspired by: E.C.N. and what a good one…  I don’t think he is so consumed as too many are, about taking credit, which is my reason for his abbreviations.

Life should be full of these abbreviations, we should all most definitely be proud of our accomplishments; but, we need to be weary of not gloating, not talking so up and high and mighty…  We must be humble in our findings, even in things we must take credit for without choice, like me as a writer or at least my vast love for it.  I always like to say, not just I can do well in the written word process, yet we all can if we want, just as other fields if you will, in life!  Life isn’t about being weighed down, like an anchor, such as a sunken pirate ship far under the sea; life needs to be raised up!  How do we do this?  Easy, just strive to be better and better people man…  Life is excellent if we make it so or miserable on certain days, due to certain life stressors if we allow this to overtake us.

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3 Responses to On destiny

  1. My Dear Friend,

    I appreciate your kind, adeptly, well put comments… I am Rnobilitynotraein, as well as Rich, I really need to post much more as is my goal on WordPress; it’s great to know I’ve got a buddy or at best reader and commentator from London! Love it man!

    I guess in end here I’ve got to say that no matter how much or even how badly, life can or will kick you/us down, our most important goal is getting back up again and again; as well keeping an open mind my friend…;-) I think that whatever does or does not happen in our demise which some honestly look at this sad way, though most don’t; I feel that somehow things will be alright I suppose?

    What makes life hard is the rocks in it, if you will? What I am getting at, is the people who are the rocks if you like, that we have to confide in, trust, be burned by at times in life, to make new bonds or friends or friendships, as such now friend… I don’t know man, I suppose that life is really what especially we make it in this life here and now especially, and how we choose to thank, or not thank those in this often too cruel life, or at least never beginners luck if you will??? Well some lucky SOB’s, but mostly, we’ve got to all climb that ladder in life and if we give a darn, then it’s not just us climbing up, we’ve gotta reach for that buddy who may be a rung or two down and pull em’ up with us and vice versa… Hope that this has put a tad of clarity on things? Hope all was serene indeed over the holidays my friend, and Much Peace, Rich;-) PS It’s right to say or state that whatever labels those or one may place on us shouldn’t mean shit/excuse the slightly crude term, just to put it into a tightly appropriate place friend… Look forward to hearing back, do you write or know any Deutsch?

    • sam says:

      Not at all, not at all my friend.
      As I said already I find people with a slightly different take on life interesting and worth spending time with, agnostics (sorry, just an unfortunate label at hand) included.
      And I think you’re right: if you put a label put it right and say it’s just a label not a description of one’s entire personality.
      Hope to hear more from you either here or at your place (blog)

      Unfortunately my Deutsch is basic, my grandmother who was German forgot to teach my mother, so here I am: Deutsch-less 🙂

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