D’you ave a flag?

One of my favourites stand-up comics for a series of reasons. One is his voice, his original style of constructing phrases out of half-mumbled words, another being his interesting biography.

Here is one of the finest of his sketches. He confessed of being passionate about history, specially the modern history, in this showhe is making a mockery of the hypocrisy of the military powers during and after the Second World War or of that of the Great Britain’s Empire. With him the well-known British self-deprecating sense of humour becomes rather a serious business.


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4 Responses to D’you ave a flag?

  1. DanutM says:

    Haios de tot.
    Pe asta ai vazut-o?

  2. DanutM says:

    A propos, pe Jeff Dunham il stii?

    • sam says:

      Nu-l știam dar am recunoscut câteva gaguri care le auzi des lately.
      Pe Eddie îl știam demult de la tv dar mi-a plăcut mai mult de când am văzut documentarul cu viața lui și cel cu cele 43 de maratoane în 51 de zile. Impresionantă voința unui om atât de singur

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