Spreading the good news, or witnessing as some put it, starts with seeing with your own eyes.

Then what you see is what you get


I’m agnostic. I’m a writer. I’m a rejection devotee and I’m deeply committed to publicizing unsubstantiated opinions. In May, 2010, I started brainstorming summer writing projects. I came up with three.

1. Develop a heroin addiction by August, finish rehab by October and post a bleak blog by December.

2. Obtain a taser license and tour the U.S.

3. Read the Bible.

In 2010, I read the Bible cover-to-cover, starting in June and finishing Christmas Day. I chose not to read Revelation but promise to read it when I finish Project 2011, which is a back-and-forth between churches and dive bars. Every Monday I’ll write about a new church experience and every Wednesday I’ll write about a new dive bar. Why churches and bars? Because people need both to cope with and understand their lives.

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2 Responses to Wysiwyg

  1. DanutM says:

    Quite a project, I have to admit. And it makes sense. Some sense at least. 🙂

    • thumpme says:

      Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing and why but I guess that’s part of the project. Part of the fun? At the very least it’s interesting.

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