Wings on my heels


I was in the mood of flying and this is what I found so I ran instead. Backwards. I didn’t want to miss the sunrise and I wanted to see it alone coz you have only one chance in life.

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3 Responses to Wings on my heels

  1. Camix says:

    And was your backward flight-running efficient?

    Lately I have been running-standing-still (I know it’s not quite evolution and they say every standstill is considered involution, so…) in my room and, unless you are provided with any better option, this one is an option as well; you actually DO something.

    • sam says:

      There is an expression “to stand tall” which, if is what you did, would redeem your so called regression 🙂

      My running backwards is still on although I am yet to find its logic

      • Camix says:

        I like the way “I am yet to find” sounds.
        Ah, it surely “redeems” my muscles, after sitting for too long.
        Haven’t heard this idiom before, I was about to say I wouldn’t exaggerate with being tall because, then, some might say I am vertically-too-gifted. Thus, I can say I won’t exaggerate for fear I should become confidently-too-gifted.

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