Three times proud

God moves in mysterious ways they say.

Today I met three Romanians on three different occasions, people who are in different ways made of celebrity material. Well, I  met so to speak as I have actually either read about them or watched them performing.

First on my list is George Iacobescu about whom I shall let Wikipedia speak better, although it was today’s Sunday Times who brought him to the public attention and mine again in a consistent large article entitled: “Canary Wharf developer on a fishing trip up the Thames”

Next is Constantin Brancusi the sculptor who once said:

“Work like a slave; command like a king; create like a god.”

It was an interview with Sir Peter Blake that brought him to my attention again. The well-known pop artist when asked what art work would he buy irrespective of cost he answered: “Velazquez’s Las Meninas or one or two of Brancusi sculptures.”

The third is in a quite different category as to how well-known he is outside Romania and UK also how long shall his recently hard gained fame will last. The weary-eyed Razy Gogonea made again a good impression  to the judges at the (still) popular show “Britain’s Got Talent”.

What is the moral to this?

No idea. It’s just I can’t help but feel like I am on the fence: should I be proud that these three are or were my co-nationals or embarrassed that I would like to?

“Work like a slave; command like a king; create like a god.”
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One Response to Three times proud

  1. A.Dama says:

    E vorba de emoții și dorințe.
    Am avut fluturi în stomac la Paris, când am văzut sculpturi de-ale lui Brâncuși. Dar nu și la Poarta Sărutului.
    Încă n-am înțeles de ce Dumnezeu a vrut ca eu să mă nasc în România. A trecut vremea când mă certam cu El pentru atâtica lucru.
    După toate ratările, „mai am un singur dor”: să fie El mândru de mine!
    Aș întreba și eu: Îmi stă în putință?

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