Un-nerving apologetics

Raymond Tallis in Times on 4th June 2011 in an article entitled: “Mankind is more than just a bundle of nerves”

“Neuromania is the belief that you and your mind are neural activity – you are your brain…

Darwinitis, a pathological variant of Darwinism, is the belief that the theory of evolution not only explains the origin of the organism Homo sapiens (true) but also what humans are now (not true); that it accounts for our cultural leaves as well as our cultural roots.”

once we’ve got the definitions…

“Neuromania and Darwinitis also matter because they get in the way of trying to make post-religious sense of ourselves. They offer a false naturalistic account of what we are, as if it were the only alternative to a supernatural account.”

…we surely know that the author is not even religious, let alone Christian, although I could not be more happy with this type of indirect apologetics…

“Defining, explaining and celebrating our exceptional nature is one of the great intellectual tasks that faces secular humanity.”

…I cannot wait to see this task done so we can move to the next one

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