Southend-on-Sea 2011

Last day of summer ?

Anyway, we had an interesting one in Southend-on-Sea

The present iron pier was first opened in 1889 but only extended as far as what is now known as the Old Pier Head. The first extension was built to accommodate the increased number of steamboats visiting the Pier. This was opened in 1898 and is known as the New Pier Head. An upper deck was added and opened in 1908 and further extensions to this area were completed in 1927. The final addition to the length was opened in 1929. The Prince George Extension, as it is called, brought the length to 2360 yards (2158 metres) or 1.34 miles, the Longest Pleasure Pier in the World.


In 1906, at Derdepoort (Botswana), a twelve year old Tswana girl, Christinah,
experienced the first of a series of divine visions that eventually led to the founding of
a powerful African independent church.

This church is
one of the major African Indigenous Churches, similar to the Zion Christian Church
(ZCC), Shembe and the International Pentecostal Church (IPCC) of the late Modise.
In some of the interviews, it became clear that the St John’s Apostolic Faith Mission
lacks theological training and its efforts towards addressing this problem have borne
little fruit in South Africa. In my research, I discovered that the crux of the matter was
the tension between “institutional education” versus “natural wisdom” (natural wisdom
mainly consists of an oral tradition).


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