Dead Sea Scrolls – Ongoing

This post shall be an open-ended one as I intend to store here references, links or short texts related to the issue, as and when I find them in my random searches


On the material aspect of preserving the scrolls

The prophetic nature of Psalm 22 in Jon’s (?) vision

Gary Cotrell on Isaiah A scroll

A sermon on the different perceptions and expectations about Messiah in Judaism and Cristian world by PreacherWoman (?)

Too much reading to miss – I shall come back to this more often

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5 Responses to Dead Sea Scrolls – Ongoing

  1. Rina says:

    This is Jon. thanks for the link to my blog. really good stuff on the dead sea scrolls

  2. sam says:

    It was my pleasure.
    I got a little obsessed with the Scrolls lately, I hope it won’t pass too early.
    thanks for the visit

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