The Community Rule – The Masters’ duties

The Community Rule scroll – discovered in cave 1
11 columns of this manuscript
First published in 1951 by M. Burrows
Written around 100 BCE
Intended for the Community’s Teachers, its Masters or Guardians.

similarities with literature in circulation among Christian communities between the second and the fourth century, like Didache, Didascalia, the Apostolic Constitution.

Following excerpts from the columns 9-11 of the manuscript found in ‘The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English’ by Geza Vermes, pp 116,117 :

“He shall judge every man according to his spirit.
He shall admit him in accordance with the cleanness of his hands and advance him in accordance with his understanding. And he shall love and hate likewise.

He shall conceal the teaching of the Law from men of injustice, but shall impart true knowledge and righteous judgement to those who have chosen the Way.”

John The Baptist comes to my mind (his rejection of those trying to shortcut the way by asking for baptism without being “worthy” of it)…

Jesus and the semi-concealed teachings by the use of parables, “translated” afterwards only for His chosen ones…

There is this “love and hate likewise” not really fitting here with the Christian teachings although I remember Paul’s advice not to have any links with the false brothers…

Food for thoughts..long way to go

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