The naked truth of The agnostic pastor(s)

I wonder if there is any strategy in place, any programmes or even any mention in the political agenda of various evangelical churches for those who are supposed to lead the flock but find themselves rather in the wrong place.

I read here the story of someone who although a genuine truth seeker can no longer hold the place as a pastor after losing his faith. How is it possible that someone born and bred a Christian and moreover in charge of religious communal life of others to have no other option than out of the system altogether?

Was his dedication for years, or for other in his place even nearly for all their life, just wasted time? I know you can find Bible verses to explain this and that but I am not interested in hiding behind them. It is not what I would match God’s character with as far as my experience with God is.

Deep down I can never stop feeling for these guys and see them as my brothers in the Not Sure About Much Church. I do not go down this route myself but I cannot see them as outsiders. I simply cannot.

May their God and ours bless them.

A glimpse into this guy confession (?):

It’s funny,  as I write this post,  I’ve just finished a sermon for Sunday and updating the church website.  I don’t think my mind was created to be ‘two-faced’.  I know I’ve posted before about my ‘exit strategy’.  I have nine months (approximately) before I’m in a position to leave my church, my congregation and my faith.  Well, actually I’ve left my faith already.

Sometimes I think, “How could this have happened to me?  I was always a ‘good Christian’.  My goals always included the church and ministry.”  Yet here I am,  writing about my journey into the truth.  I refuse to call it ‘losing my faith’.  I think that has a negative connotation and I believe that this is an absolute positive turn in my life.

1 Timothy 5:8  But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

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3 Responses to The naked truth of The agnostic pastor(s)

  1. DanutM says:

    Sad story. But there are so many like him who do not dare to admit.

  2. In January this year, when I went to a church for the first time, I walked up to the Minister and said ‘Hi, I’m Eva, and Im not sure if I believe in God’. And he replied, ‘that’s ok, some days neither do I’.
    Some people would have recoiled at that, but for me at that stage, it was the perfect thing for me to hear. A minister who explores his own doubts displays an honesty that really appeals to me.


    • sam says:

      About your Minister that’s what I would call being “inspired”: to be there for your neighbour in the form and shape they need it.
      I admire more your courage to cling onto church people given the circumstances.
      I trust God will do His job in one way or another. Most of the times you can only be a spectator to His acting.
      Thanks for the visit

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