How do you love God – or why?

Not sure what loving God exactly means but you can find that there are different ways to do it:

Loving God Through
Ritual & Symbol
• Value rituals, symbols, and
liturgical practices.
• Appreciate reading or saying
specific prayers.
• High value on the beauty of
the church calendar,
including the practices of
Lent and Advent.
Dangers: Serving God without
knowing God, judging others,
repeating mechanically.


Loving God With the
• Love the Bible, systematic
theology, and creeds.
• Value beliefs about God.
• Stimulated by Bible studies,
lectionaries, and historical
texts as well as philosophical
conversations about God.
Dangers: Loving controversy,
knowing rather than doing,
being proud.

The complete chart with a total of 10 pathways here

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5 Responses to How do you love God – or why?

  1. Camix says:

    Interesting pathways.
    Let’s say we won’t define what loving God is, but I would challenge you to answer a question that just popped out: why loving God.

  2. sam says:

    From a certain angle I see the love for God as nonsense. The subject of this kind of love is out of reach if you are using your 5 (or 6?) senses; you can even say it is non-existent.
    “How” is being rendered useless by “why”
    They say that the only question with no possible answer in the scientific world is “why did everything come to life?” or something in that respect.
    Can I conclude then that God is Why?
    Plenty of room for speculations, see?.
    How to fill the gap anyway if not by playing with words until the Word will eventually speak up?

  3. Camix says:

    And to the question of “How”, what (combination of) types cand describe you? As far as I could notice, only one type is not enough for one person to represent. And I myself could see in a few.

    • sam says:

      Don’t trust labels normally.
      I’d say the path no 1,2 and 6 are closer to who I am in relation to God.
      I can round up the 10 paths in three groups: loving (knowing) God through Perception, through Action and trough Spirituality (mind processes).
      The dominance of one or another is closely linked to ageing.
      As you grow older you’ll find Perception, contemplating God through His Masterpiece the Human Being IN (not and) the Nature, more and more apealing.
      Perhaps because you are gradually losing it 🙂

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