Hebrew – 1

Since a great part of the Dead Sea Scrolls texts is written in Hebrew I will post here now and again summaries of the lessons I am taking on my own mainly from this site

I do not know if it is the best one, I just picked after a random search on the internet. Once I become confident enough to evaluate other sources I will consider upgrading.

Wish me good luck and most of all stubbornness

Here we are:

1. TENACH –  Old Testament in Hebrew

2. Pronunciation in modern Hebrew is changed for some consonants and vowels compared to those in ancient Hebrew – not affecting the meaning of words though. The following lessons will obviously use the modern variant

3. Vowels always follow a consonant

4. Alephbet = Alphabet – 22 consonants, no vowels

5. Modern Hebrew pronunciation is divided in two parts:

– Ashkenazie

– Sephardic – adopted by the State of Israel

6. In modern Hebrew vowel pointings called “nikkud” (nikkudot in the plural) have been added to words. They are used in Biblical texts, Prayer books, Hebrew Grammar books and children books – not normally used in others such as novels, newspapers, signs etc.

Hebrew Alphabet

Five of the above letters have different form when it appears at the end of word. These letters are called the “final” letters (sophit in Hebrew).

Hebrew Alphabet, final letters


Hebrew Vowel Pointings 

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