Dead Sea Scrolls – ongoing 2

I found on this site a wonderful tool for the following series of posts

List of people involved in any way with the scrolls in any form:

1. First Bedouin : finds 7 scrolls in February 1947

2. Ta’amireh Bedouin: take scrolls to Kando an antiquities dealer in Betlehem in April 1947

3. Kando: the antiquities dealer take the scrolls received from Ta’amireh Bedouin to Athanasius Yeshue Samuel, the Syrian Orthodox Archbishop of Jerusalem – April 1947

4. Athanasius Yeshue Samuel

– purchases 4 scrolls from Kando – April 1947

– Sukenik fails to buy the scrolls from him – Jan 1948

– shows Isaiah scroll to John C. Trever at American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) – Feb 1948

– gives ASOR director Millar Burrows rights to publicize scrolls

– takes the scrolls to Beirut as violence between Israel and arabs increases – March 1948

– brings 4 scrolls to US to try to raise money for Palestinian refugees

– publishes account of his purchase in Biblical Archaeologist 12 (26-31). Scrolls dispalyed in American museums through 1951 – Feb 1949

5. Feidi Salahi another Betlehem antiquities dealer

– shows 2 scrolls to Hebrew University Prof Eliezer Sukenik – Nov 1947

6. Eliezer Sukenik from Hebrew University

– is being shown 2 scrolls by Feidi Salahi – Nov 1947

– buys 3 scrolls from Salahi – Dec 1947

– fails to purchase Archbishop Samuel’s scrolls – Jan 1948

– publishes portions of his scrolls, identifying the authors as Essenes – May 1948

7. John C. Trevor at American Scools of Oriental Research (ASOR)

– receive Isaiah scroll from Syrian Orthodox monk and photographs and identifies it with the help of coleague William Brownlee – Feb 1948

– describes ‘The Discovery of the Scrolls’ in Biblical Archaeologist 11 (46-68) – May 1948?

– publishes photos of Isaiah scroll and a commentary on Habakkuk -1950

8. William Brownlee  at ASOR

– helps John C. Trevor to photograph and identify the scrolls received from Syrian Orthodox monk – Feb 1948

– publishes with Burrows text of 1QS as manual of Discipline – 1951

9. William F. Albright – American archaeologist

– confirms Trevor’s identification of Isaiah scroll as the oldest known Hebrew manuscript – March 1948

– engages Zeitlin in public debate in Philadelphia presenting persuasive arguments for the authenticity of the scrolls based on external evidence. – 1950

10. Millar Burrows – ASOR director

– receives from Archbishop Samuel the rights to publicize the scrolls – March 1948

– issues press release announcing the discovery of the scrolls – 11April 1948

– publishes with Brownlee text of 1QS as Manual of Discipline – 1951

11. G. L. Harding – British director of antiquities for Jordan

– launches search for scroll caves with the aid of Jordan’s Arab Legion – May 1948

– authorizes Roland de Vaux to survey Cave1 where the first 7 scrolls were discovered; many more fragments recovered on this occasion – Feb 1949

12. Roland de Vaux – French Dominican l’Ecole Biblique

– receive authorisation from Harding to survey Cave 1 – Feb 1949

13. Andre Dupont-Sommer – French scholar

– publishes his Preliminary Views on the Dead Sea Manuscripts, identifying them as the product of Essenians – 1950

14. Solomon Zeitlin – Jewish historian

– challenges “The Alleged Antiquity of the Scrolls” and claims they were forgeries – 1950

15. Bedouin

– discover 30 fragments of other scrolls in Cave 2, including Jubilees and the ben Sirach in the original Hebrew – feb 1952

16. ASOR

– teams explore other caves

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