Thy shall not defy my UN

I made the”mistake” of buying “The Times” two days in a row: yesterday and today.

Big issue the Palestinian bid for a place at UN among other more domestic themes.

Yesterday they gave voice to Daniel Taub, the Israeli Ambassador to the UK , to express his opinion on the matter. No surprises there, a decent summary of the official position (as if one could expect the least deviation from the party line there).

Today’s paper decided to let its readers to hear the other part (fair enough), this time through the voice of a lower ranked member of the said side, Sam Bahour, a Palestinian-American business consultant living in the West Bank. He took the advantage of the knowledge gained by having lived in both societies: American (the friend of the friend) and Palestine, and tried to name and shame the former for the expected abandonment of the latter when the moment arrives.

I will try to combine fragments of both their texts to see if I can manage to bring them to my virtual negotiation table. Or perhaps to see how good they look together at least in my humble abode.

So here is the (virtually im)possible dialog:

Daniel Taub:

“Indeed, as a forum the UN has more often driven the two sides apart”

Sam Bahour:

(The Palestinian’s) “leadership has chosen to do what other people would have done years, if not decades ago: to seek redress back where it all began – at the UN”

Daniel Taub:

The West Bank’s remarkable economic growth and relative stability are due in no small part to quiet co-operation between Israelis and Palestinians”

Sam Bahour:

“After 20 years of fruitless negotiating, championed by my country, talks have come to a complete halt.”

Daniel Taub:

“If that co-operation is jeopardised, it is Palestinians who stand to lose the most.”

and in true Christian spirit I will give to the smaller party the last word

Sam Bahour:

“To date, that means we have learnt that power comtrols, period. Common sense, human decency and (most disturbingly) the rule of law are mere window dressing used – or more accurately, abused – by states wielding power in support of their dominant position.”

aaand…because I feel so I will end this post with the paragraph before the last in the Sam Bahour‘s text:

“My daughters give me a sense of where the next generation of Palestinians is heading. If the world does not allow an independent Palestinian state to emerge, future generations will not continue that battle for ever. In an echo of the Arab Spring, my children, and many like them, are slowly making a shift from a demand for statehood to a demand for their human and civil rights. The name of their state matters less than the right to live their lives freely.”

This paragraph I find most disturbing, out-of-place even, although in a good sense.It has a flavour of visionary wisdom hard to find these days in the region or elsewhere.

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