On Join(t)less Communities


Looking out for a community to join in has always been at the bottom of my pastimes list, but if I were to be more desperate I would find very much of use some of the instructions found here:

Find a community that knows that joining in that argument is exactly what it means to be a people of the book. Find a community that doesn’t let experts speak over the top of the ignorant. Find a community that holds those who doubt in high regard, and one that treats those with all the answers with the kind of care appropriate to the mentally ill.

If you’ve already found such a community, find someone who hasn’t. And if you haven’t found one yet, keep looking. They’re out there. I’ve found mine. You’ll find yours. Christian or not, we all need such communities; it’s what it means to be human. There may not be any answers forthcoming, but woe to the one who has questions and no one to throw them at.

The text above concludes a not very friendly review by Thom Stark of  an apologetical book written by Paul Copan. So far so good although I am yet to be convinced that the said community has to fit the three Aristotelian unities applied to the drama: unity of action, unity of place and unity of time.

Praise the Lord for the Internet who seems to bypass them all.

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