The end is nigh: (it) look(s) busy


Location: Nero cafe in Muswell Hill

The Times on 30 September 2011

page 1

“Now I think [if we raise the speed limit to 80 mph] 95 percent of the country will think  ‘great’ although only 5 percent will say so, but the 5 percent who are opposed will say so very loudly”  –  Philip Hammond the Transport Secretary

Good point only that the percentages applies to almost every other situations where the  leaders of a particular organisation, be it political, economical, religious etc are actually getting their support from those  louder 5 percent giving them a 90 percent of the space to do with it as they please.

page 21

On the (still)  funny side, the Faroe islanders are having their DNA codes read by their government for their own good. So they say. Time for the ‘end is nigh’ sect to get its own island.

page 32

And  for the boring stuff: William Rees-Mogg is not entirely happy with where the EU-UK marriage is heading:  ‘William Hague was right to call the euro a burning building with no fire escape”.

That’s all for this morning folks.



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