Between a thin place and a narrow escape

I bumped into this one for the first time and  I wasn’t even curious to check the source as the story kept my mind busy till the end. It speaks at one point about thin places:

“The Celtic tradition had a phrase for it (Celtic tradition would, of course!): it call places like this “thin places,” or so I’ve been told. There are spots where this world and the realm of the spirit come close together, some claim. That may be; or it may be that there are some places, like some chords in music, that evoke something spiritual in people, as the smell of burning leaves can bring back childhood to many of us; and that some places have more of that power of evocation than others. Whatever. I don’t know, and I’m not sure it’s all that important anyway. Even if scientists could pin down the loci of the brain centers involved and isolate the requisite stimuli, would it really make any difference? “

My journey sent me to another place were I find myself at home almost each time I go there and the concept of thin places appears again:

“Morehouse goes on to quote a well-known expansion on the idea by the theologian Marcus Borg. Borg asserts that A thin place is anywhere our hearts are opened. They are places where the boundary between the two levels becomes very soft, porous, permeable. Thin places are places where the veil momentarily lifts and we behold (the “ahaah of The Divine”)….all around us and in us”

I was wondering these days why am I returning to certain places again and again as if expecting the unexpected to jump out in my face

I think I know the place which the author is speaking from here because I happened to find myself, not very often though, in similar ones. His ‘thin place’ seems to be situated in the inner geography as well as the outer. I don’t normally ‘do mystic’ so it’s not the need of mystery that attracts me to the theme; it’s the Reality that lurks behind and refuses to fully reveal itself .

Now, I spoke about “thin silence” in the earlier post. In this one the “thin places” and “thin places’ people” came without me looking specifically for them. Pure coincidence.

Another coincidence today: I was driving in town in my way to meet a client. An absent-minded driver hit my car laterally. I was aware of his mistake a second before it happened so I managed to half-avoided it although I will probably drive a replacement car for the next 2-3 weeks now until it get fixed. The funny thing is that after finishing the arrangements with the insurance people I called my client to explain the situation and to cancel the meeting. He didn’t answer but called me after another hour or so to tell me that he was at the hospital because he has just had an accident with his car. Again, not his fault. And it goes further: when I started the journey I had several variants for the routes to take. Seconds after taking the most obvious one (the shortest) I changed my mind and took another route. In the same second when I thought of changing it I thought: what if something will happen now, should I blame myself for it?

You see, I am not a mystical person but I have my superstitions and this is one of them: don’t change your mind; the first decision is the best one.

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