A reverent agnostic

I miss having time to watch some good TED talks. I was lucky to come across one today which happened to fill my need for light amusement while learning few tricks from a man who is probably the only non-religious guy who managed to outBibletalk a Jehovah’s Witness

For those with no time to waste on listening to what the reverent-agnostic has to say about Bible literalism and around it I gathered the commandments with which he came out of the experience after a year of trying to live out, literally, the biblical ones:

– thou shall not take the Bible literally

– thou shall give thanks

– thou shall have reverence

– thou shall not stereotype

– thou shall not disregard the irrational

– thou shall pick and choose

And if you don’t like these because they look like straight out of the Cafeteria-Church there is always Starbucks to fall on

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