St Joe Public’s Epistle To Whom It May Concern

Ok let’s get down to business. I got tired of going in circles around the main thing which is: there is spiritual life outside religion and religious practices as we got them passed down through generations. This life is in no way inferior to the one spent in unquestioned rites and rituals.

If one’s quest for a sound answer to the challenge that living a limited life with a brain/soul branched to timeless questions has one ending up in a maize of more questions than when one started than is time to listen to what fellow travellers are experiencing through their own journeys. Amongst them are hiding the modern apostles and elders and prophets of the old-time Truth.

While the officialdom of the religious world is preoccupied with the politics of clinging to the power, God may find himself a niche by outsourcing  staff from the hidden pool of prodigal sons who are humbly calling themselves atheists or agnostics or any other fancy names. I found in their stories, their life experiences, their honesty a truly divine inspiration.

For me they are the new apostles of the era, the 7000 prophets ready to take over unwillingly or unknowingly the never-ending task of ever-revealing God.

It could take the form of educating people by facing them with their real self like in this experiment

by Derren Brown

Or could be the hard work of Mark Vernon

I am an English writer, journalist, and author, used to be a priest in the Church of England, live in South London, and am an honorary research fellow at Birkbeck College, London. I am a founding member of The School of Life.

Is the transcendent natural?

In general, the function of mimetic, mythical, ritual, poetic, religious and other ways of exploring our participation in the world would be to show or perhaps unveil the transcendent. It strikes me as highly likely to be a very common way that people experience the world, alongside the humdrum. And entirely natural.

Or the sacrifice made by our wives and mothers to keep us happy and to remind us never stop enjoying life as a gift.

These and millions similar other are the seeds of the Good News that keep the hope high for the generations to come.


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