Job’s job is beyond (our) faith


One of the strongest points of the atheist reasoning on the “proof” of God (non)existence is the suffering he is allowing to come into people’s lives irrespective of their belief or non-belief in him.

The story of Job the enigmatic character in one of the Bible’s books is often used by apologists to “explain” God’s point of view on this. He is one of the main attraction for the believers when it comes to the need for an inspiration in dire times. So much so some tried to tie him to the Christian teachings on the subject of suffering. They take it even further trying to find prophetic messages in his dramatic story about the ever-coming Messiah. This without much care for the author’s actual intentions.

Given the mystery surrounding the book as for who wrote it, when and what was the purpose at the time of writing, there is no wonder that it gave the scholars a few headaches at times.

Here is a sample of short discussion found on a newly discovered site on the subject:

Did Job say even if he slays me “yet I will wait for Him” in assured anticipatory hope? Job 13:15. This would then tie in with I know my redeemer liveth and in the last day ( or end) he will stand upon the earth, and when my flesh is destroyed yet in my flesh (not Rotherham’s out of my flesh) I will see God. Job 19:25-26 and many bodies of the saints ….. arose and came out … and appeared unto many.. Matthew 27:50-54

Job 13:15Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.

In his conviction of his integrity he has demanded an audience with God. He has said if my enemy (God) had written a book I could show Him where He is wrong. Thus he says here: “Even if he kills me I will wait for Him and maintain my ways before Him.” This is not faith. It is beyond faith.

He Knows that His redeemer lives and he will see him some day face to face and then God will have to give, He will be required to give, to Job the answer to the nature and contradictions of injustice. Job is not making a statement of faith. It is beyond faith. He says I know that He lives and that in my flesh I will see God and then my words will have to be answered (or He is not God.)


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