The Invisible Friend abroad

As it happens I was thinking today about how the obsession for one single book might send one to the terrible country of Schizophrenia. There are people for real who are living (or trying to live) their life by the book. Pun intended if there is any. They find themselves at times at the border of the above named country without a travel guide, and they throw themselves across it in the deep unknown. Only because someone, once upon a time in their life told them that it is the “only way”

Here I found someone whose views fit in quite well in my very own Babel Tower Church of Late Agnostics ( I have just made it up so there is a place where I can receive my, otherwise unaware, guests) doctrine:

When I hear Atheists that I know complain that talking to religious people is like trying to reason with an adult who has an “invisible friend,” I tend to roll my eyes because I know totally reasonable people with invisible friends, some of whom are Atheists themselves. Sanity, to the extent that sanity is something we should aspire to, lies in knowing where your invisible friend fits into your life, and making sure that your relationship with your invisible friend (notice that I am continuing to say “invisible” instead of “imaginary”) is ultimately a force for good in your life and in the world.

I have a perfectly functional relationship with my, yes, completely and totally invisible friend Jesus. You can be his friend too, if you feel like it! Just don’t use him as an excuse to treat people like shit, because he hates that and I had a dream last night where he told me that if I catch somebody doing that I have to make sure that they are punished.

(I’m kidding, guys. Guys…?)

I’d  rather liked the inspired, slightly twisted ending. I might borrow the style some time later, language skills permitting. Thank you.

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  1. mslovebite says:

    Thanks for the mention!

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