The Good Samaritan – a perspective by Amy-Jill Levine

I have just received the BAR for Jan/Feb 2012

Amy-Jill Levine shares with the readers a few ideas on the Good Samaritan parable.

The following is in her view a summary of four wrong interpretations for different segments of the parable:

1. The robbers were freedom-fighters, dispossessed peasants forced into debt by Roman and Temple taxation, kind of Robin Hood’s of the times

2. The victim deserved his fate as he would have been a tradesman who became unclean as a result of him mingling with all kind of people

3. The Levite and the Priest avoid the victim as a precaution should he die or be already dead; by touching him they would have become unclean.

4. The victim was Samaritan, an outcast (not a real enemy of the Jews as they were in reality)

Her objections for each interpretation and her own explanation can be read in the article using the above link

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One Response to The Good Samaritan – a perspective by Amy-Jill Levine

  1. Agnusstick says:

    “Victims deserve their fate” is as close to a propositional truth as we mortals can get. And we are victims, but not of Fate. Consequentially, agressors do the good works of bad fate, and normally should deserve redemption under arminian laws. Such laws have made me into a fierce calvinist lately.

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