Bi-polar lights

  • Stephen Fry doesn’t need any introductions. Following, an interview in which he is talking about the mood being like the weather and looking at the bright side of the depression or manic bi-polarism
  • DrT-isms is a someone whose blog I started following a while ago.

Recently, I have had several ‘God winks.” People have called to check on me and express concern for me. It has been huge. The thing that all of them had in common was that they shared similar experiences with me. They all talked about their own experience as it related to mine. They didn’t tell me how to fix it. They didn’t tell me to pray more, read the Bible more, or follow these 6 guidelines as seen in Cosmo. Instead of pushing or pulling, they sat with me. I felt held. I felt the comfort of not being alone, while allowing me to feel lonely. I felt I understood how they rememberred and they understood me. I was able to remember and experience. I felt loved, respected, honorred, and desired. To me, thats the Good News I want to pass on.

  • King Charles a friend of the guys from Mumford and Sons is one of my relatively recent discovery

He received an award for the best songwriter in 2009 by ISC for the lyrics of  the Love Lust song

The one song I have to admit that is my favourite although I don’t know if it made into a studio recording is this little street-jam


So here I am treating myself to a compilation of healthy sources to beat up the devil of sadness and disillusionment creeping out every [beginning of an otherwise arbitrarily established] year

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