Jesus was a Jew – what’s new about it?

I haven’t fully recovered from the shock provoked by the news that atheists are planning now to steal the Christianity’s best features when I cam across this piece of news in The Times under the alarming title: “Unholy row as orthodox rabbi dares to speak the J-word”. It is about book written by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach of New Jersey named “Kosher Jesus”. He is not at his first attempt of stirring the albeit clear and still waters of Jewish Orthodoxy. Previous titles tell us enough about what is he generally up to these days: “Kosher Sex”, “Kosher Adultery” and the “Kosher Sutra”. Do I need to say more? Thought so.

What on earth is J-word you may ask? Well, I shall whisper it: it is Jesus, somebody who this so-called orthodox rabbi is now trying to claim for the nation which gave Him a home for about 33 years.

I’ll let Will Pavia from New York to speak more about this otherwise despicable act:

“”The book offers scholarly proofs that Jesus “was another rabbi and a martyr for his people whose memory was later ripped away from us and whom we should reclaim”, the rabbi wrote on his website,”

“”Rabbi Boteach said he was seeking to build bridges between the two communities, by addressing “the 600lb gorilla in the room: that Christians worship a Jewish man in Jesus and Jews are very alienated from him.”

Hmm, is this another proof that the end is nigh?

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