The Jesus as they probably knew Him

I’ll try to keep things tighter this time as with this subject I’m much closer to the heart of the big questions of my life, a life shaped volens-nolens around Christian values and praxis. The problem is that, while I am still in a prolonged leave from participating to almost any form of organized religion (for over 15 years), I can evaluate the amount of time spent by myself on spiritual quest or soul-searching if you want, immersed relatively independent into the Christian environment, to at least three-quarters of my conscious life.

So, this is where I am, trapped in this world in which the upbringing and perhaps the genes have put me in, and from which I cannot and do not want to escape.

Along with studying the Archaeology of the Bible Lands, reading countless of articles by Christians and with Christian themes, the obsession with the Dead Sea Scrolls, came a more recent challenge which is that of finding as much as I can about the historical Jesus.

A few days ago I was browsing through the books section of a second-hand shop in North West London when I came across this inciting title: “The search of the historical Jesus”. It is an anthology, a collection of articles and works by a list of about 30 scholars selected and edited by Harvey K. McArthur. I happily parted with £1.50 a small price for a promising step in achieving the much-craved knowledge.

Some of the following posts will include summaries or personal opinions on the contributions of the authors to the subject.

Keep close.

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3 Responses to The Jesus as they probably knew Him

  1. alteritas says:

    Imho, the ‘Quest for Historical Jesus’ is futile, but after all, we all need some ghosts to chase. 🙂
    Given your ‘obsessions’ I dare to recommend you an author you might like, Geza Vermes. Start with one of these: ‘Jesus the Jew’, ‘The Religion of Jesus the Jew’ or ‘Jesus in His Jewish Context’.

  2. sam says:

    Thank you. I stumbled upon his name in my search for anything on Dead Sea Scrolls.
    My journey, as matched by my obsessions, takes quite a peculiar shape and follows my mood. I don’t generally do academia or anything proper scientific work. I am too lazy and impatient for that.
    Like other past times of mine this is being approached with a sort of child-like attitude. I enjoy discovering things in my way, almost randomly looking.
    It is one way of coping with the nonsense, the unknown and the unwanted.
    I am glad if I can have company times to times 🙂

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