Adonis the Essenian

It looks like physical perfectionism is not the invention of the people selling it from the catwalk in Milan or Paris.

A small sect of people who lived, supposedly, somewhere in the ancient Judean province, presumed to having being formed as a result of their being unhappy with the establishment in Jerusalem at the time, came up with a old/new standard for the physical beauty (although the description here is for one of the genders only), an outer beauty that can also reveal the inner one.

Beware of the Calvinistic incline of their theology:

The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Very Short Introduction (the Kindle edition)

by Timothy Lim

In the teaching of the two spirits God is said to have divided man into two groups according to the spirit that he has inspired in him. Those who have the spirit of injustice belong to the darkness and are led by the Angel of Darkness, whereas those who are of the light have a spirit of truth and are ruled by the Prince of Light. The separation of all humanity into two groups is often described as ‘ethical dualism’; it is based upon a deterministic view of life. Even if the Angel of Darkness should lead one of the children of righteousness astray, this apostasy would have been done ‘in accordance with the mysteries of God’ (3.20-23)

The dualism expressed in the teaching of the two spirits has a cosmic, human and spiritual dimension: the Prince of Light is opposed by the Angel of Darkness; humans are divided into those who ‘spring from a fountain of light’ and those ‘born of injustice from a source of darkness’; and the two spirits of truth and injustice struggle ‘in the hearts of men’. It is the destiny of the Qumran sectarian to belong to the sons of light and each member’s spiritual value can be determined by his physical appearance as described in a sectarian, physiognomic text.

4Q186 is a fascinating text that characterizes a man’s inner spirit by his outward physical appearance. This text was written in code that consists of letters of the Hebrew and Greek alphabets, as well as other cryptic signs, written backwards and in mirror image. When deciphered, the fragments describe three different physical specimens and the amount of spiritual light and darkness found in each of them. Each man’s spiritual value totals nine, an arbitrary and uneven number that would preclude a balance of equal measure between light and darkness. The first man is wicked:

And his head … [and his cheeks are] fat. His teeth are of uneven length. His fingers are thick, and his thighs are thick and very hairy, each one. His toes are thick and short. His spirit consists of eight (parts) in the House of Darkness and one from the House of Light …

(fragment 1)

A second archetype is good:

His eyes are black and glowing…. His voice is gentle. His teeth are fine and well aligned. He is neither tall, nor short … And his fingers are thin and long. And his thighs are smooth … [and his toes] are well aligned. His spirit consists of eight (parts) [in the House of Light, of] the second Column, and one [in the House of darkness.]

(fragment 2)

Finally, the third man falls somewhere in between.

And his thighs are long and lean, and his toes are thin and long. He is of the second Column. His spirit consists of six (parts) in the House of Light and three in the Pit of Darkness.

Emporio Armani, you have been warned!

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3 Responses to Adonis the Essenian

  1. Agnusstick says:

    I reckon Esenin was of the Fifth Column?

    • sam says:

      Let’s see: he lived to 30 (the age required to be admitted), had 5 women, 3 children, comitted suicide. Unless he had long fingers and lean thighs or black eyes his place is right there where you say. A traitor and a shame for his ancestors.

      • sam says:

        A good thing about him: he wrote this as his last (written) words:

        There’s nothing new in dying now
        Though living is no newer.

        Makes one reach for the pint and flick another coin in the music box.

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