Dear, darlin’ God

There is always a place for expressing faith through emotions sometimes bordering the less clear cut religious means. The early mystics have done it with their fasting, soul-cleansing self-inflicted pain both physical and psychological, the falling in love with Christ.

I have always refused to believe in the apocalyptic vision of some of my contemporaries which is that of a modern civilisation ridden by the cult of materialism to the point where the faith has nearly no place left to be expressed visibly, engulfed by the new love, that of political correctness, the environmental cult, individualism, you name it. The resources for naming with new terms old traits seem to never run out.

For this reason I am always trying to discover the new forms which these old expressions of love for God take through time. Keeping my mind open, free of the prejudices imposed by the fear of losing faith when losing a certain way of expressing it I feel I can keep my faith alive and fresh. It may no longer be seen clearly because I stopped using forms and means and ways of my childhood but what it is true and real cannot be erased irrespective of how much one can or cannot see or understand.

Written while listening to this:

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6 Responses to Dear, darlin’ God

  1. Camix says:

    În tribune la Olimpics, mi-a părut că văd pe unul care semăna bine cu tine! 😀 Chiar așa, nu mergi?

  2. Camix says:

    Sam, anything else? Or you’re still busy here.

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