In -tuition


First thought best thought, they say.

Re-thinking an idea, a concept or a decision often creates confusion. Less is more in this case. The reason for this may be the fact that the knee-jerk reaction involves sometimes the heavy use of the intuition, which is in fact reasoning taking a shortcut.

Intuition to me is knowledge yet to be organised.

There is a common misconception regarding intuition which place it among less scientific (less reliable) forms of knowledge. (False) prophets may have an word or two on the matter when they speculate and use the ignoble status of the intuition for their own ends therefore giving it an extra aura of subiectivity.

We have then a strong weapon, the intuition, to use it in the war against ignorance,a weapon distrusted by the general public but misused by some (political class, religious leaders, prophets) to get above the rest.


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