Where Art thou?

One face of the Truth (not necessarily the one  pro-claimed by religion) can be seen through the magic work of the art. Or should it be Art? Again, no compulsory bow to deities here.

My definition of art has its proper scientific base, and it is My science which follows My rules and laws. Because I live in My world I inherited with my first un-called breath, a world that started when I began and will end very near to my end. There will be some time-space left for the Cause to pronounce the verdict and give My masterpiece the frame that it needs so it can be hanged Up There.

Over the years I have tried to find the Way as the Truth seemed to be right at the end of the Journey. Somewhere the two seemed to be One. The way was true and the truth the only way. Then it became confusing and somehow un-meaning.

They told me to ignore them altogether.

Truth, Way, Fate or Faith are just words with nothing behind them but desire. A desire that does not have a fulfilment because it does not ask for it. It feeds itself from within and from time to time it throws out there in the Agora the un-finished or un-born sketches.

They said that He was both the Way and the Truth. What can I say?

Aha! Where or when has The Desire got lost then?

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5 Responses to Where Art thou?

  1. Camix says:

    How would you describe Him? Would you say He is the Way and the Truth? What about the Desire? I am interested in your own definition.

    • sam says:

      Sorry for the late reply. It should be proof of how difficult is to answer your questions.
      How do I describe Him? I don’t 🙂
      The more you try to understand Him and find a face to the Name the less confident you become in your succeeding. It seems that Thomas was the only person lucky enough to be able to put the finger so to speak.
      I have a inkling that naming something that does not belong to the human race or any known species is a completely futile work. Someone who only comes alive through words cannot be The One. Adam had not given a name to anything above his level.
      Desire? I realized after reading again that I omitted the part of Jesus’ speech in which he added “(I am) the Life). Desire is Life at the human level. It is aspirational Life.
      If you want to believe in (after)Life you cannot love this life. You can accept it and enjoy it.the way you enjoy a piece of art. There are glimpses of what the real life may look like but they are only teasers, with the aim to make you not to lose interest.
      Desire is the ultimate crave never satisfied and never satisfiable. Not here, not now.
      Again, words…

  2. Agnusstick says:

    I see Desire in close relationship with the childrendom/childishness/adultlessfullness bequeathed upon christpirers. Does this make me a christpiper, like in John Piper’s Desiring God?

    • Camix says:

      The instant imaginary scene popping into my mind while reading your comment is:
      A little beautiful and quiet child, pulling his father’s sleeve and saying:
      – Daddy, can I have some of those (you’re having) myself?

      Like that verse where it says (I don’t know the reference or exact words): Come and taste, see how good the Lord is!

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