Sunday roast with just dessert


When I think about evangelicals of the “right” type the saying comes to my mind: If you can’t join them, beat them. Or is it the other way round?

Anyway, I find temporary cure when stumbling upon pockets of fresh air such as this one

It is because of theological illiteracy that racial, cultural, economic, historical, and so many other kinds of stereotype are created and reaffirmed, layered upon layer through time and action. Theological illiteracy also gives rise to simplistic dogma, as well as mirror movements like the New Atheists,who are as evangelical as the Evangelicals they seek to discredit. Theological illiteracy creates so many different kinds of idols, the Bible being merely one among many.

Theological literacy is not modern apologetics, the pseudoscience (yes, I said it) that is a “defense of the faith.” There can be theological debate, but apologetics seeks ultimately to create foundations to convince itself of its own foundation and belief system. Apologetics is preaching to the proverbial choir.

My virtually nil virtual readers know already about this guy from whom I have insolently stolen the following on the  subject of ethics the Apple of Discord for two apparently opposed sides: new atheists and die-hard fundamentalists (I have just found that there is such a religion called Discordianism but this a different kind of…fruit)

Virtue ethics takes the ups and downs of life as the basic stuff of ethics and cultivates the ability to reflect upon experience so as to learn from mistakes, tolerate the uncertainties of living, nurture the habits that enable one to flourish, and over time gain a feel for how to live well – that lived sense of understanding we might call practical wisdom.

having a capacity for uncertainty – an ability to stay with the anxieties of doubt and not reach out after faux-certainities; as well as an ability to resist the temptation to need to be doing something, anything, and/or unconsciously seeking escape in distractions.

And here the dessert that might be a tough cookie (see what I did there?) for some

Evangelicalism relies ultimately upon faith and fear. And it is a fearful faith for which intense experiential worship, devotion, and action serves as a distraction. It creates its own dogmatic, ironclad universe thinking that it is resisting a sinful World, but it is, in fact, the adherents of Evangelicalism who resist who they could become: more thoughtful, more reflective, more self-critical, and more substantial. Evangelicalism proclaims itself to be God-fearing. This is very true. It fears that God isn’t who and what it has already constructed God to be.

This from someone signed

I’m an editor, I’m not always this morose, and this blog is completely independent from my day job. Seriously.
Interests: My best friends are ex-evangelicals.
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  1. hi, I’m an ex-evangelical guy…

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