Consumerrysmas – pick & mix offer for your soul


Stumbled upon a good-hearted Christian blog where my curiosity sent me here: a map of the possible worldviews that can define our faith or the lack of it.

Starting with one proposal “God exists” you can go through a maze of options but end up basically in two types of situations: you’ll either end up in a camp with all kind of believers or in the non-believers’ one. They have a “weak” link, the agnostics, which is situated in the non-believers camp but it can be arrived at via a sinuous trip through the “good” bunch.

A few things I have noticed at a first sight:

  1. In the believers’ camp situated (you guessed) on the right side there is only one specific situations you can find yourself at the end of the journey: theist, deist, Christian theist, pantheist, panentheist or the saddest one (there is no journey there) polytheist; don’t blame me for such a democratically mixing up of heresies with the one and only; you pick which one is that.
  2. On the left (God have mercy!) you’ll see a band of categories happily mixing and living in harmony with each other. You can safely be atheist & nihilist for example, or apatheist-nihilist-humanist. You got the gist. Can we state that the non-religious folks are more capable of loving their ideological neighbour than the righteous ones? No, not safe to go there, not the area Jesus had in mind, I believe (no pun here).

The most mind-boggling situation is that of the agnosticism. On one hand an agnostic can be nihilist and/or humanist, naturalist, relativist (ok this one makes perfect sense here). On the other hand, when arriving via the good camp he can also be theist. By merging the cases you can arrive at humanism via theism without causing yourself a brain (or soul) injury. Not one that can’t be cured. Though stuff.

For those interested in being agnostics and at peace with the theists this is the way:

God exists – God is in the control of the world now – God exists independently of the world – God is involved in the world – (this is where you fall through the crevice of your folly) God cannot be known personally.

There you are. Hurry up and pick one, they are not lasting forever.


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