diary – 18012013

I’d rather watch Time Team the series that made archaeology more popular in the last years than the universities would have ever dream, than a good a movie or, God forbid, sport. This does not make me a nerd, not at all. I was born this way in the words of an way too popular pop singer. I mean, the interest for things long dead and forgotten is only a small part of my dull intelectual life, although a pretty strong and hard to ignore one. Another field of interest, please forgive me for keeping you from reading more important stuff but this is me, a compulsive, atention-beggar, forever halfway-there, pretend writer, is other people life stories especially if written or told by themselves. It does not matter where they lived, when or how well-known are or were, as long as they kept the story short, honest and well-written. I simply ignore almost entirely fiction, fantasy and science-fiction. They may be more challenging for the intellect, more attractive for the imagination and more mainstream but I feel like I would be wasting my time going through a stranger product of imagination when I can hardly have time to dig into my own. They have been inspired in their work by their own life and by others’ so why should I use than a second-hand source for mine? I am too proud to admit that I actually envy every succesful author and I am trying hard to hide behind badly constructed excuses. So there I am.

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