Paths and bricks

I found  a shortcut to Hampstead Heath one of the best places for a quiet walk in my area. Walking is my favourite pastime; I could trade almost any other pleasure for wandering through parks, woods or narrow streets.

I passed The Bridge Christian Felowship

Unfortunately I did not know what to make of the building in the first place so I didn’t took a picture to show you. This is instead how they present themselves:

We look at the Bible in its Jewish context and have links to the Messianic movement. […] Our morning services are family oriented with praise and worship and Sunday School facilities. At the moment Tony Pearce is going through John’s Gospel.

We also have visiting speakers and other members of the fellowship teaching. In the evenings we have a Messianic style of worship with teaching on the Jewish roots of our faith and the relevance of end time prophecies to the church, Israel and the nations.

I stumble often upon their stand in Golders Green where they hand out leaflets to passers-by every Friday at noon, just before Sabbath.

After 3-4 minutes walk, behold:  The Religious Society of Friends or the Quakers


…and, in their words:

The Quaker way of life is rooted in Christianity but differs in that we have always valued the individual’s relationship to the Divine over any forms, structures or even the Bible.

As we are each different, with different experience, so our faith will vary and this we find enriching.

At the centre of our lives is the Quaker Meeting for Worship. Here in stillness and quiet we each engage with the transforming power of love and truth. This experience could lead anyone present to share the insights gained within the Meeting.

Quakers aim to live in the spirit which inspires us in our meetings and believe that if we are fully open to it we can effect change – both personal and social.

We celebrate any expression of that spirit wherever it is found – in religious books, secular writings or in people’s lives, past and present.

We try to value each person equally. We strive for peace, both inward and outward. We work towards achieving simplicity and integrity in our lives. We try to live adventurously.

You’ve surely noticed that I gave plenty more space to them, the reason being that, as my friends know, they are the closest to my kind of religious gathering. I imagine myself being lost in the silence of their meetings, at a time in future, when life will present nearly no more challenges to me. Probably never, so I can hold it as my favourite daydream.

Round the corner


Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church

We are an open Church. Everybody is welcome. We recognise that everyone is an individual and each of us is on our own particular journey of faith. At the same time we recognise that it is better to travel together than to travel alone.

We believe that in some small way we are co-operating with sisters and brothers throughout the world in establishing God’s kingly rule. This we do by the way we live out what we believe. We seek to affirm that which is good and confront that which is evil.

Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church was founded in 1910 and is affiliated to the Baptist Union and a member of the United Reformed Church.

Not too appealing even to a free spirit such as mine

30 seconds away Saint Jude-on-the-Hill


Our mission is to celebrate and communicate the Christian faith in the Anglican tradition.
We assemble on a Sunday morning to celebrate the Eucharist.
We provide opportunities for spiritual growth and Christian education.
We endeavour to grow in care and love for one another as a community.
We seek to understand the needs of our parish population and be good neighbours.
We engage with our parish in providing care and social and cultural activities.
We promote our faith to those in our parish attracted to our church and its activities.

on the other side…

…one less engaged guy struggling to unstuck a coin from the tarmac, behind the church


Next one could be the place to stop your quest for truth in the mystical realm and start using your reasoning

or is it?

How would have Christ The Scientist looked like?



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4 Responses to Paths and bricks

  1. Agnusstick says:

    Those roofs, domes and cones are positively amazing! I hope the interior is as suburban-free as the exterior.

  2. Agnusstick says:

    What is a Scientist Hendon? Is it a segregated Hendon full of labs and lab-abiding scientists?

    • sam says:

      Hendon is the name of the area. I passed this one nearly every day for the last 7 years but never this close, but I still don’t know in what business they are

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