Sand castles

One activity in which you can do no wrong basically is walking. You can do some things wrong around it, like going for walk when the chores at homes are leisurely dumped upon your truly, or when the heaven decides that we, the local humankind, deserve another flood, but, apart from this kind of wrongs, everything else is really right there: good for your health and the rest of the drill.

I happened to like a particular place lately in North London called The Avenue House Estate

The people involved in managing it need desperately more funds and volunteers, but this is another (sad) story as the economic circumstances are not the best for them to succeed.

This commemorative plaque caught my attention:


I made an effort to find out anything about The after 8 Society, what an odd name, and/or about the people mentioned. It seems that Google has no infinite power, so I gave up. It was like a bit of dead-ended archaeology.

Speaking of archaeology, I can get lost in a TV programme on archaeology, even though they treat the spectacular and the edited version of the real thing to make it media-worth. I don’t have the energy and the motivation to go too deep into it. I go by instinct and feeling so, once I feel that something gave away the main issue, I start losing the interest to follow it through the rest of the details. I use my hobbies such as this for the main scope in life, which is finding the big connection, the thing that unite them all into a complete picture of what it is all about: I mean with life and its (non)sense.

I would take all the bits that catch my attention and use them like pieces in a puzzle, a puzzle that has no backing image, no model to follow.

It is like a play, like the one they say about God playing with matter until He found the form in which it could manifest at its best. The tragedy of the life  of His Son, Jesus, while living in human form was that of a puzzle builder frustrated by the lack of straightforward clues and the mis-fitting of the apparently easy to recognise pieces such as His disciples.

One reason I still find Christianity attractive is the idea I got it about what it teaches me, that of life being a play in which everybody spends the time looking for his/her role in it. The play is taking place only once in each person life, and there are no spectators because there is nobody left outside it. You don’t have a script to follow and you cannot write it.

The whole scheme of things is wrapped around the idea of finding your role in your alter-ego’s life, aka your to-be-loved neighbour’s life.

I took this round trip from a starting point which has no clear link with the last part of my ramblings. At the same time this is the product of my mind left on its own devices, a mind that can get lost in the play like a child building sand castles, with no sense of time and little sense of space. And this is what’s left untouched by the outside world, a humble contribution to the work-in-progress for the script of a play, in which I found myself without my initial consent.

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