The drive in human’s actions is based on information available on a large scale. Those who take the power in their hands are obviously given the less available information, or at least, they get it in advance to everybody else. How ethical this is, or of what kind of power they get hold, is a different matter.

The story of the temptation in Eden tells us about our failing to see beyond the obvious. We stick to desiring good things such as happiness and perfection; it is only when we try to take the shortcut to get there, before we even start walking towards it, when we are wrong.

We tend to forget that life is a journey and not a state of mind.

In his journey through life, a Christian says that he is getting the power to carry on through a bit of “information” which is yet to be fully revealed, but never in short supply.

The engine of living life for real is the “knowing” that there is another side to the moon.

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