Marc5solas on whose blog I stumbled upon by way of searching through the “agnostic” tag, has just made a few waves on a popular subject among die-hard clergymen and their even harder to die fans. I know I might be accused of being offensive with regard the holly crowd, but it is my reflexes acting pre-emptively and, since the pre-emptive attack seems to be kosher for a large majority of Christians, I thought I will use it just as well. Shoot me if you don’t like it.

One disclaimer though: I follow the principle  “hate the sin and love the sinner” and I shall specify that every ounce of irony and criticism is aimed at leisurely constructed categories of people, never specific ones. This way I can avoid direct confrontation, which is in fact my biggest phobia. Nobody is perfect.

I was saying about this guy who woke up recently with the revelation (revelations are always best-selling themes for people who rely on “experts” to tell them “how to” do this and that) in which he was given (via some personal coffee-fuelled research) the explanation for why are the young people living the church in droves. Ten points, and some tens of comments later, the debate is still ongoing.

I shall only give you, and I take it out of the context because I can, the conclusion of his text:

Don’t let another kid walk out the door without being confronted with the full weight of the law, and the full freedom in the gospel.

and to help you make an impartial judgement here is the voice of the opposition:

You can blame bad teaching, relevance, and better feelings as much as you want. The fact is that many individuals leave the Church because they watch Christians.

Another disclaimer just in case:

I did not give the link to his blog to attract readers (I do my best to repel them anyway) but because of the full weight of the copyright laws. So I am half there.

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2 Responses to 110213

  1. marc5solas says:

    I’m “this guy”. Thank you for taking the time to read the article. Feel free to share or repost however you like!

    • sam says:

      Thank you!
      I was just pointing out to the source to comply with the rules of citation. Sorry for “this guy” I didn’t necessarily want a direct engagement in a conversation with you, although I am grateful that you made the effort to comment here.
      On the point of sharing your article I am sorry to say that I don’t read from the same page as you on the subject, so I’ll leave the link and only change the name.

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