Licence to sin

For the first time since I started writing here I had the title in my mind first and then I tried to fill it in with matter. Sir Bond has little to do with the subject of the following text; it only provided me with the idea that people need an external approval before doing something unusual, against the prevalent common sense or even illegal. It is an issue for everybody irrespective of their belonging to a religious group or not.

The religious aspect comes with the rest of its baggage. It is relatively easy to figure out what is good and what is bad in the normal circumstances  of one’s life. It becomes a struggle when people find themselves caught between two wrongs or, worse, between two apparently opposite goods. A religious person needs not only the external approval of his peers for one course of action or another but more importantly the approval of the highest instance, that of his god(s).

The subject in fashion these days in the Christian circles was the sacred nature of marriage and the alleged assault of a certain minority against it. The trouble with this is that, as well as with other hot issues, it is another one which divides the members of the said group. I will not go as far as making my point clear in respect to the fact of allowing “unclean” people to stain the purity of the act of answering “I do” to a couple of questions. The answer to this issue is simple as any answer to life’s questions. I do not recall Jesus saying that his way of life it is complex and needs generations of theologians, and a couple of millennia, to be sorted. Au contraire. (citation needed here).

You can find one example of how easy is to tackle this and other similar “problems” here.

If you do not fancy this author you can pick hundreds others who did not fall in the trap of going in circles until their own conscience becomes dizzy enough to feel the need to go to sleep.

Any way we decide to look at it, the first problem to be solved here is that of our own maturity. And the last.

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6 Responses to Licence to sin

  1. Agnusstick says:

    This is an assault at the alleged allergy against assaultively desecrating the alleged spiritual (but in fact not generally religious — just Christian) meaning of the word “marriage”! Try to sink a word and it’s former meaning shall scatter around like floatsam or jetsam, to the great owner’s dismay. In this case, maybe it’s all about the Great Owner’s shipping licence. But what’sin a word… Or in a couple — “good faith” comes to my mind. Right, Sam?

  2. Agnusstick says:

    Btw, I myself have redefined the mean ing of the Christian marriage. But it’s for one time and personal usage, I don’t intend to break judicial ground, even if I had followers. I don’t pretend this is good faith, it’s merely a get-to-live-with faith. Not recommended, but it seems to work.

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