Drips -1

There are two kinds of crowds in which you could find yourself: one is very impressive in size and visual impact, the other less so.

The first is made up of leaders and followers. They are actually all leaders except the followers are completing and/or competing with the leaders. They are in the same place because of what unites them: an illusion that power is something you exert over someone else.

The next group, to which I am attracted, is that of stand alone people, people who do not envy the leaders, do not understand the followers, moreover they are organically not interested in power. The only power for which they long is the one needed for self-improvement for the sake of their sanity.

For some reason I do pity the first crowd and respectfully take my hat off to the other.

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2 Responses to Drips -1

  1. Eva says:

    Yes, well said.

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