Martin, Luther and the biblemaniacs

Take Luther and Co and all things that happened after his outburst.The wake and rise of the alternative approach to doing Christianity was bound to happen.

Christ is not just the first part of the name of one of most popular religion, after all. Sola Scriptura came about as the cover up for the real aim : Solus Cristus (somebody help with some proper Latin here, please). Without Christ there is no real Christianity. The trouble is Jesus has always been hard to follow, in his times and now. But there is always a way around and people managed to find it again this time. A replica. Look, there is the real thing, too bad is quite far, and cryptic, and faceless even, so here is the best representation of him: his brilliant, heavenly mind whose produce is laid out for all to see and feed on it, aka the Bible. A new star of Battlemayhem was  born and everybody is keen to follow it. All you need is to be alive and possess a brain.

The old tables with the law of love have been successfully replaced again. This time with the holly text.

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  1. Camix says:

    this could make a good answer to the article that (i think) rose your interest here. 🙂

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