the good and the news

Can it be that the high nose Christians, you know who, those defined by weekly worship in designated places, are losing the chance of fulfilling the command of spreading the good news? At least one of them has recently remembered a long neglected tribe, where the gospel is seen as a story not only naive but harmful even. What is sure is that the evangelicals who have been for the last decades the champions of missionary work are left behind in this courtship in reverse. Will we see another change of ownership for the army of cathedrals and places of worship? Hope not but even if that would happen I would still say pass to signing on.

What I am interested in though is watching the competition between both camps for initiating social good:

Balkham says he has envied churches the sense of community they can offer, and thinks atheists can learn from the social good that many churches do. “It’s naive to deny that there’s a lot of good that comes out of organised religion, and I think helping in the community is another thing that Sunday Assemblies should be aspiring to unashamedly copy.”

So help them…selves.

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