Living in my spiritual world, which is well off the beaten track of the institutionalised religion, I am most atracted to people who are not afraid to express themselves, to open up their souls even if  only in the anonimity of the blogging.

One of them, and I find that young people are unsurprisingly the best exponents of this category, is somebody whose blog address I can no longer trace but I managed to save the following two fragments of his only one posting:

I sit here on a saturday afternoon, playing my own little screwed-up game of pretending to be an orthodox 19 year old Jew, whilst my parents sit downstairs, probably thinking I’m asleep – never in their wildest dreams imagining me writing this blog on the ‘Holy Sabbath Day’… I’m a (semi) practicing Jew, who also just happens to be an atheist; so where did it all go wrong?

I had various other personal issues with religious people that kept building up; I started to open my eyes and look at the world through a cynical/pessimistic looking glass – everything had changed for me. All of a sudden I had ‘grown up’; I began to see the massive amount of intolerance, hypocrisy, lies, deceit and rudeness that made up the people that I previously respected.

It really struck a cord in me. Whatever religious organisation you are brought up in, it will never completely chase away the deep feeling of narrowly missing the Truth…

After years, for some an entire life, of searching, probing, hoping and convincing others of what we are yet to find, we’ll end up happily abandoning the questions (and the answers) for a quiet smoke by the lake on a warm summer evening.


One thing what Jesus would do (remember WWJD?) these days is to gather us and them for a lunch and a quiet talk as He used to do with the outcasts of His days on Earth.

I’ll see you then, won’t I?

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10 Responses to WWJS(moke)

  1. DanutM says:

    I hope you will see me there, Sam. I know you will be there, waiting for us, the
    ‘more religious’ bunch.
    These quotes make much more sense to me than all the bla bla bla I see around in religious circles. There is so much stupidity, hypocrisy and pure evil among religious people, that I often want out. I need to breathe the fresh air of genuineness and reality, which many of these pharisees are running from.
    And, thanks for writing these.

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  3. A.Dama says:

    El era trimis… Azi, se autotrimit.
    El a venit pentru oile pierdute. Azi, trebuie sa dai bine in fata turmei.

    • sam says:

      Da, poți spune că turma bate oile în descrierea făcută de tine.

      • A.Dama says:

        Numai pe cele pierdute, Sam. Adică pe cele la care aleargă ciobanul, ca să le scoată din… locurile rău famate. Oile știu bine că ciobanul n-are ce căuta în bălării, așa că o țin morțiș: dacă te duci acolo, nu ne mai reprezinți!
        Mie mi-e greu să înțeleg militantismul multor neoprotestanți de a răstălmăci cuvintele Mântuitorului și de a face exact pe dos: cum poți să faci ce te învață El, dacă jobul principal e să-i arăți cu degetul pe cei ce s-au încurcat între spini? Ne-am comutat pe high speed și îi detectăm pe cei rămași în urmă sau lateral cu radare pentru viteză redusă.

  4. Claudiu says:

    Even if I do not know English very well, I thought it’s worth trying to write a few lines.
    I understand very well the “unknown hero” who wrote those lines. It happens like that when you get a grenade in front, like in the shooting gamess.
    Everything seems suddenly alienated, foreign … You realize that you’re caught in a play and each, on the point of view, playing the lead role. It is the facade, nothing deep.
    Why we live in a hypocritical world in which nobody can be as is true?

    I am sorry for my bad english language!

    • sam says:

      Welcome to my humble abode
      I am not a profi myself, just showing off 🙂
      Putem s-o dăm pe neaoșă oricând sau pe romgleză cum obișnuiesc eu.
      Nu sună profesionist dar nu spunem la nimeni.

      Am trăit și trăiesc și eu ceea ce spunea autorul postului. La vârsta mea nu mă mai pot plânge însă ar fi dovadă de imaturitate. Mă mai plâng totuși dar semnez anonim 🙂

    • Claudiu says:

      Multumesc pentru primire!
      Dupa cum spune si tinarul pe care l-ai citat, fiecare avem cel putin un joc pe care il concepem si-l jucam intr-un mod particular. Suntem ca niste roti zimtate, iar zimtii ne sunt fetele. Foarte rari sunt oamenii care interactioneaza in mod direct. Preferam zimtii pentru ca ofera siguranta.

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