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In doubt we trust

The real goal of growing-up spiritually is to embrace doubt. A true Christian in my books  is at best hesitant. In Gethsemane, the agony of Christ tells us  about hesitation in the face of destiny rather than over-confidence. Too much … Continue reading

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Partir c’est mourir. A little.

Preaching or teaching the truth (?) can be addictive. An addiction is sometimes just the result of a mis-guided desire such as feeling good through “changing the world” acts. The sin here is selling to the other what you cannot … Continue reading

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Adam’s lot

Both Adam and Lot’s wife looked back and felt that they have lost everything. You may say that EVERYTHING is the same in both cases. At least at the “feelings” level.

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The title is optional

 On my way to see someone in East London I was passing through Angel when I heard jazz-like music being played outside a church. I parked the car and went back to check it out. Free food, a few dozen … Continue reading

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