Change for the sake of change is no change

Change for your own sake is small change

The real change is that for the sake of your loved ones; it is how nature intended it

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Being mature means you have gone from looking for approval to being suspicious of it.

The good side of paranoia

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Fair trade

I cannot wait to see the day when self-proclaimed moral champions can be fined for not delivering what is on the package. Till then the world continues to be flooded with false hopes and fake achievements.

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back for good (or bad)

It is still unclear to me if the compulsion to write for me as well as for others, here or elsewhere, is good or bad. 

I’ll try a step by step approach: I am a human being and as any other beings I have and I have the need of a social life. Writing is one of the paths used to engage, or try to engage other beings (basically humans given the common language).

Religions or religious expressions are defined as exhaustive systems of values, practices and ideas which have the ability to create an environment where humans can achieve their potential beyond the empirical cloud of material or physical life.

I cannot see in the near future a time when I would dismiss the existence of another life for myself or others, a life other then the visible, palpable one. This not necessarily for religious or ethical reasons but because of a stubborn appeal to common sense: as long as I can long for one (other life) there should be one, in any form it may be.

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Love only comes

with its own pain

on my parade

there is



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From re-solution to r-evolution

I have given up on New Year’s resolutions long time ago. In fact on any resolution all year round.
I see the practice more like a rite of passage at best.
I have also noticed that it is a habit mainly found among young people.
In this circle of life it seems that getting older has at least one advantage: you are losing it or losing the interest in it.
Either way a relief.

Happy New Year!
(Yeah, another one)

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There is long-dreamed-about family house on the right, in the quiet village, just round the corner from the local shops, with pine trees bordering on one side and log-fed fire in the sitting room by the fluffy rug; there are dreams overdreamed and songs unborn.

I took my camera, pictured that and everything fell into place.

Nothing’s changed out there.


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The New Year is approaching and I felt like making a mental overview of my journey through some of the blogs so far. What is obvious when looking back is that I am different, I think different, I feel different. Better or worse, this I cannot say yet but definitely more content. A big contribution to my change has come from fellow wanderers who, at times, felt like being part of my family. Here are some of them, the ones mainly responsible for inspiring my questioning of the spiritual and religious, putting me at ease with their openness and honesty.

I may or may not be interested in the same subjects as you in the future but I am sure that I can be thankful for letting yourselves found.

Eva, Harold Knight, Recovering Agnostic, Mark Vernon,  a newly discovered Ashanam and others.

I know that you are not necessarily the standard believers but I reckon that the following text found on my friend‘s blog are the closest to my description of your online personalities:

I hope you’ve met at least one “Kingdom person” in your life. They are surrendered and trustful people. You sense that their life is okay at the core.

Thank you.


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carousel eternel

If money (from a certain amount up), love (if not shared), food (in excess or to little) do not bring an ounce of extra happiness why is that we never stop going through these routes in order to achieve it?

I have yet to find a better proposition other than that implied by ” whoever wants to save their life will lose it”

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Guilty pleasures. Are there any guilt-free ones? I mean real pleasure is never free. My latest one is listening to exhaustion to the Ryan Adams’ The winding wheel  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9WstQOsO2Q ; it starts at min 3.42).

The price I pay for it is the risk I am taking every evening to fall into an old and dear habit of mine which is robbing the depression of its best feature: the ability to open the door to the world of lost causes.

One of them is the unused potential of the christian way of life a way as it is commonly perceived without going into the details of belonging to a specific gathering.

I have always wondered why do they have to fence it into a certain social frame (the visible side of the church), a clearly defined hope (to go to heaven), a poorly expressed love (the bubble of preaching from a high place) and sell it as the original product? Where does the other goods go? The dreams of having someone to love and be loved unconditionally ? The simple pleasures of laughing, talking, doubting, crying, drawing, playing with children and even falling into my darling melancholy without feeling the need to fit any of these into a man-made christianesque doctrine? Can we have them simply as human beings? Pretty please?

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