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Where Art thou?

One face of the Truth (not necessarily the one  pro-claimed by religion) can be seen through the magic work of the art. Or should it be Art? Again, no compulsory bow to deities here. My definition of art has its … Continue reading

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Saving the but(t)

One sign of maturity for somebody with a healthy obsession for spiritual things is the way he/she uses the word “but”. There is the oppositional, ‘mine not yours’ but like in: “I hear what you are saying but the truth … Continue reading

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Flaw-less light

Image wins out over substance far too often. There is room for image to make peace with substance; I can’t make it without either of them “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” Carmel Georgescu

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Thy Kingdom come…or maybe later

I find Rohr’s mindset very close to what I would like mine to be or become, and Danut makes a good job of keeping my interest afresh for what the man has to say on religion and life in general. … Continue reading

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