From re-solution to r-evolution

I have given up on New Year’s resolutions long time ago. In fact on any resolution all year round.
I see the practice more like a rite of passage at best.
I have also noticed that it is a habit mainly found among young people.
In this circle of life it seems that getting older has at least one advantage: you are losing it or losing the interest in it.
Either way a relief.

Happy New Year!
(Yeah, another one)

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2 Responses to From re-solution to r-evolution

  1. Camix says:

    i wanted to write about this. i don’t practise this either. i find it useless unless we talk about dreams, which you can have disregarding the day (or date). resolutions are my plans, but what would be His plan? He always surprises us.

    and, somewhere on the way, goals tend to be more important to our presumed happiness than our hapiness itself..

    Happy New Year as well!

  2. DanutM says:

    Reblogged this on Persona and commented:
    I don’t do ‘resolutions’ either. For a long time now.
    I believe, rather, in permanent conversion. As Maurice Clavel used to say:
    ‘C’etait en Octobre; j’etais presque converti; on n’est jamais.’

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